Your success story begins here

Three fundamental conditions for gaining success in the Japanese market:

  1. Professional localization
  2. Effective strategic planning
  3. Willingness to follow the Japanese business rules
The Japanese market is one of the most dynamic and attractive markets, but it is not an easy task to conquer it. It does not matter what your company reached and if it has the name in the world or not. The strategy that you have used earlier will not bring you any benefit in Japan. Rather on the contrary. In the best case, it will slow down the promotion of the product, how it happened with Uber and FaceBook, which could not fully capture the Japanese market. In the worst case, you will have to cease your activity, how it happened with eBay. Other, equally well-known companies such as Amazon, Apple, Starbucks were able to stay in the Japanese market and even take a leadership position just because they have changed their strategy. They have adapted to the specificity of the Japanese market, its culture and accepted business rules.

Partnerships with CoinJapan is your guarantee of entering the Japanese market for the providing of hyper-growth your product. We can help to raise funds for you because we understand the market, know its features, requirements and business rules.


What we can do for you

Strategic Advisory

On the first stage of our cooperation, we will help you to appraise the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats of your project. After the appraisal, our experts will help you to develop “must do” activities plan to solve problems and use advantages. It allows preparing for entering into biggest investment market.


  1. Japanese Translation
  2. Listing on exchanges
  3. Affiliate Programs
  4. Dashboard Solutions


  1. Localization (Web, Marketing, etc.)
  2. Online advertisement in Japan
  3. Promotion to Angel Investors
  4. Press releases on Japanese media
  5. Public Relations
  6. Social Media control


  1. Legal consultation
  2. Sales Channel Development
  3. Long Term Business Development
  4. Partner Search
  5. Sales support

Support service for Projects

Community Formation

We can create and manage Japanese-speaking community (websites, blogs, channels) for your Japanese readers. We work with Telegram, LINE, Facebook and other social networks, but the main attention is paid to LINE because it is the most popular social network in Japan. If you have created a strong community of fans, you can count on the increase of new tokens holders, the growth of the tokens sells by the loyal tokens holders and the decrease of tokens leak on the market that generally has a positive impact on the value of your tokens or digital currency. The minimal reasonable time of the community support and management on the Japanese market is 6 months and more.

Meetups for Token Holders

Topics related to tokens and virtual currency market are constantly discussed in the groups of community. It is necessary to hold monthly offline-meetings in order to increase activity of the community (the owners of tokens and the customer), discover attractive side of the projects and inform about their prospects, and create camaraderie. We are ready to be the organizers and moderators of these meetings to lead the community in the right direction.

Crypto Magazines

Japan is one of the few places on Earth where specialized magazines about cryptocurrencies are issued. We have reserved advertising pages in some of them. Your advertisement, placed in our reserved columns, will make your project known to a wide relevant audience, that is interested in cryptocurrency and projects of the future. The magazines, devoted to cryptocurrencies increase brand recognition, generate new token holders and build communications with media.

Your office in the center of Tokyo

We provide all kinds of support from the preparation of all the legal documents to the search of premises for your office in Tokyo. In addition, we will provide a place in a business-incubator of our partner for those teams, which wish to develop faster, avoiding common mistakes at the start.

Sales and Promotion

We are able to promote your product or service through different channels to reach millions of potential customers due to our extensive business connections and cooperation with the best advertising agencies in the Japanese market.


Seminars are the most effective way to show the strengths of your technologies and developments. Seminars can be both paid and free. Their main advantage is to communicate with potential customers interested in your methods of their problems resolving.We organize seminars of different scales: for authorities, municipal governments, private enterprises, etc.

Smart City Project

Japan is seriously engaged in the Smart City concept to provide answers to new challenges, such as: nation aging, lack of the work force, ecology, overload of the transport infrastructure, etc. Our company also takes part in this project. We specialize on introducing of blokchain and providing the different levels of cybersecurity. We are ready to promote your achievements that will make living in cities more comfortable and prosperous. By participation in such projects you are not only investing in your business but also increasing the business reputation of your company. That will allow planning the growth throughout the world.

To some, the term Smart city sounds vague, the latest slogan to bolster hope for struggling urban centers. But a smart city looks across every aspect of a city's operations to use technology to improve outcomes. Let's make complex things simple and accessible for everyone.



We are always interested in reliable partners who can boast their technologies and strive to develop their business in the Japanese market. We will be glad to cooperate with companies specialized on Blockchain, AI, IoT, Cybersecurity, who are ready to tell the world about their modern developments. We constantly tell our Japanese partners about the members of our consortium on meetings. Such meetings will increase your chance to enter the Japanese market and will ensure a smooth start for your project.