We will help you open a business in Japan and enter the Japanese market

Our mutual success based on the next components:

  1. Knowledge the Japanese investors’ interests
  2. Use of business methods adopted in Japan
  3. Our reputation growth on the number of successful projects
We are professionals in the blockchain technologies. Behind us, there is the success of 15 projects, which fundraised more than $ 400 million of investments from Japanese investors, and it was not occasionally. Our team gathered together specialists, who are experts in the investment market, advisors, related to authoritative investors, and reliable partners of blockchain technologies area. High level was reached due to an extensive network of investors and businessmen, who trust us. One of the most successful project, which was promoted by us on the Japanese market, is Neuromation. The project’s popularity has been achieved because of two main factors: 1) Marketing campaigns for target audience, including participation in AI EXPO Tokyo; 2) Direct working with target audience through specially created Telegram channel.

Cooperation with CoinJapan is the very decision, which will open your business for new investments. We are sure about our capabilities and are able to create solutions for the growth of your project.



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