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Now the terms blockchain techs and cryptocurrency are closely related to the growing of their importance all around the world. CoinJapan wants to be in a center of this activity. That’s why we are forming strong and long duration partnership with other players within the industry. Here is a list of partners, companies and organizations, which work with us for development and improving completely new but the prospective area.

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Coin Japan is honored and pleased to invite you to our Consortium. Crypto-industry, we all engaged into, is presented around the whole world and we all run our businesses at the market of global scale. Thus, it’s very difficult to survive without support. So, we decided to create consortium in order to gather with associates and became stronger all together with a help of exchanging of each others experience. Main role of CoinJapan is to provide total support for partners at the market of Japan in the area of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technologies. For the time being there about 40 companies worldwide became members of our unity. But we believe this is just beginning, so feel free to get all benefits from our community and join to our business connections.

Let's start a new chapter of the blockchain together

Now is the age of blockchain. It is very favorable conditions that allow to be a little bit ahead of a trend. Now is the time for taking decisions quickly and sharply. Never before it wasn’t so important. The CoinJapan company seeks partners, who have the same vision concerning blockchain, strong desire to change the world for better, and don’t afraid to run ahead more quickly than other.